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How do I find out if this is a suitable service for my family?

After you call or email us, our helpful intake staff will complete a brief interview with you over the phone. We will ask questions about your child’s behaviour in order to find out whether our programming is suitable to address your needs.

Where is the clinic located?

The clinic is located on the 8th floor of the Mathews Building on the Kensington campus of the University of New South Wales. The campus map reference is F23.

If you will be travelling by car, turn into the University via Gate 11 off Botany Street. A pay parking station is located on the left. Please note that parking at the university of very limited and requires coin or credit card payment.

If you will be travelling by bus, enter the University off High Street (Gate 9) and follow the Chancellery walk down to the Mathews Building on the right. The plaza and lifts are located at the top of the steps on the Northeast corner of the building, past the Food Court/Arcade.

High Street Buses: M50, 400, 370, 891/ Anzac Parade Buses: 391, 392, X92, 393, 394, X94, L94, 395, 396, X96, 397, X97, 399, X99/ Randwick Buses: 371, 372, X72, 373, 376, 377, X77

Plan your trip on public transport here.

How long does treatment take?

The length of PCIT treatment is different for each family, and ranges from between 12 and 21 sessions depending on a variety of factors. Sessions run weekly for approximately one hour each. Most sessions involve therapists working with both parent(s) and child together with the exception of a few didactic sessions with parent(s) alone.

The length of PCIT-EI, which is for parents of toddlers, is 7 sessions. Sessions run weekly for approximately one hour. The first session is with the parent(s) alone. The remaining six sessions involve the therapist working with both parent(s) and child together.

The HOT DOCS group parenting program runs for 7 weeks, with each class running for 2 hours.

If you have further questions about the treatment program please contact us.