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Clancy Black

Clancy Black is a Provisional Psychologist in the second year of a combined PhD / Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. She is currently completing an external placement at the UNSW Parent-Child Research Clinic as well as the Karitane Toddler Clinic. Clancy completed her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree at the University of Sydney in 2015. Clancy’s honours project focused on the impact of the media’s objectification of women on the political ambitions of young women. Following honours, Clancy worked as a Research Assistant on two projects across the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University. The first project involved a longitudinal study investigating the development of dementia in people with intellectual disabilities. The second study focused on understanding the intergroup processes that can potentially lead to outgroup violence. Clancy is currently completing at PhD at UNSW, which focuses on understanding lay people’s beliefs about the relationship between body weight and health, and the possible implications of these beliefs for people’s engagement with diet- and exercise-related behaviours.