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Silvana Kaouar
Provisional Psychologist / PhD Candidate
  • Provisional Psychologist / PhD Candidate

Silvana Kaouar is a provisional psychologist and Clinical Masters/PhD Candidate at the University of New South Wales. Her research interests include understanding and measuring the moderating role of early life experiences in the development of a range of childhood outcomes including socialisation, behavioural expression, and emotion processing. 

Silvana completed a Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours at UNSW, researching the moderating role of callous-unemotional traits on parenting style and conduct problems in childhood. Her Masters research will examine biobehavioural synchrony between parents and children with conduct problems and varying levels of callous-unemotional traits, with a focus on salivary bioscience and observed parent-child interactions. 

Silvana has experience working with families and their children with behavioural difficulties across two child clinics in Sydney. She is also involved in the assessment and diagnosis of behavioural disorders for early intervention and treatment.